Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our Classroom!

Good Afternoon Ladies, today I wanted to share what our pre-school classroom will look like this year. Although it is inside we will be doing many things outside as well. I am very excited as well as my kids are because they have seen mommy working in this room for a couple of weeks and tomorrow we officially will be using it every day.
Okay this is the idea of our room. In the picture you can't see the left side but I am going to give you a tour so you can see everything. This is our front room and it used to be a playroom with a TV in it. All the toys got organized into their rooms and now it has been turned into a great room to learn and grow. Also disregard the floor needing to be vacuumed, the kids are sleeping so I can't do it till they wake up. The idea I had for this room is centers. Each subject (I use that word loosely) has a center.

This is where we will start our day each morning between 8 and 9. My kids are early risers and do their best right after sleeping.  We will Sit on the large orange rug (purchased at walmart for $12.00 and it is shaggy) and learn about how a calendar works, the days of the week and there is also a place to stick the color letters, number, and shape we are working on for the month up as well.

This shelf is to the left of the Calendar area and it houses just about everything we need. On the Top shelf are bins that have our school supplies, some art supplies (collecting things as we go or if I find a bin of random ones at a garage sale I will snatch that up), our flash cards, sidewalk chalk, and our work books and early readers. On the second shelf, two left bins are rug activities for my 2 year old to do while Madyson and I are working in work books. There is a bin of Mr. Potato heads and then one of the k-nex for toddlers. The bin on the right is our musical instruments. (normally on the top shelf we also have our cd player for music time). The next shelf houses most of our games and puzzles. (All the wooden boxes that have either puzzles or activities in them I purchased at the homeshool resale shop here in town called the Book cover. They also have a website you can check out as well.) Homeschool Resale Website! . I also went through the puzzles we had and they all seemed to be missing pieces so instead we got three new ones all Melissa and Doug, safari animals, tools, and the color fish. (my little one needs to work on his colors to him he calls everything blue.) The Bottom Shelf has some more rug activities and such for us blocks, our wooden puzzle cars and train and also some phonics puzzles (also purchased at The Book Cover)  Lastly we have our ball for circle time and our wooden Noah's ark.

This is our science center. Right now all we have are fish on the wall. In the fall we will have a basket of items to look at and touch  an talk about. Also I am going to get a small table for our projects to sit on we are going to observe what happens to a white flower when you let it sit in colored water and also we have some crystal growing projects and gardening things to do indoors. Right now though our science time will be spent outside if it isn't to hot.

This is our writing and Math area. We have many fun activities I will show you more as I finish putting them together to do here and then also we work on our workbooks here. For Math we use manipulative's so we will get on the rug to do that more fun that way. Also I have a little board well actually a poster I laminated for Mady to practice writing on as well.

Here is our craft area. I keep the supplies put away so I don't have glue all over my house but we have the rug so we don't get the floor a mess.

This is our reading corner. We will be reading after lunch before nap time to wind down and there are stuffed animals and a couple of blankets so we can get comfy.

These are our early readers we will be using right now I will e reading them but eventually the kids will. I am trying to get at least one book for every alpha letter if I can find more that is even better.

These are the three writing books and then the Garden book is our science book.  For Writing we are starting with the great Get set for School it came highly recommended by LAura at Heavenly Homemakers. I am excited because it is called Hand writing without tears and that is what we need I have been working with Mady for a year now and we both get frustrated and at least one of us is crying by the end so this will be great I bet also me getting more patience. After we finish it then we will move on to Get ready for the Code it is a bit harder and while doing it will will do the one with the flying cat on it. The Get ready for the code has several levels.

Here is our basic pre-k skills books which we have done a few activities out of already and Madyson loves these.

Finally this is our math for right now I will be adding other things as well I just have to purchase them.

I hope you enjoyed taking a tour of our room and I can't wait for our first day of school tomorrow. I hope you have a great day!

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