Friday, August 27, 2010

I am back and in full swing!

Well I have been taking some time off from blogging with my other blog. I was thinking maybe it was taking up to much time but in reality it wasn't I was letting other things get in the way! Well, I just wanted to let you know what this new blog of mine will be about. I have two little one's a 2 year old and 4 year old. Here where we live if you don't attend a private pre-school you have to qualify to attend half day. Well we don't and I was looking into what the teachers expect the kids to know when they start kindergarten. Well that was a huge eye opener. I realized I needed to home school for a year for my daughter to get her ready for next year and as for my son he will participate in many of the things s well.

In this blog I am going to be sharing with you what curriculum we use and what we are doing each week and some of the fun explorations we are doing in our quest for learning. I can't wait to get to it we will officially b starting school next week on Wed. Sept. 1.  I hope you can come and join in and see what is going on in our monkey school. See you soon.

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